New Sentences against Banco Sabadell for their life insurances associated with loans

The Court of First Instance Number 20 of Zaragoza has recently declared the nullity of the financial clause of the life insurance associated with the loan signed betweeen a woman and Banco Sabadell in August 2018.
This new sentence issued on the 13th of January 2023 sums up to previous Sentences from Zaragoza’s Provincial Court and others from the Court of First Instance from Zaragoza and Jaca, all of them from 2022.
Basically, the Courts of Spain are starting to declare that life insurances which banks request you to hire when signing a loan are null. Why? Beacause in the majority of cases they are not being freely hired by the client, as the bank conditions the obtention of the loan to the hiring of these products.
This means that people who have these type of insurances will be able to claim the amount of money they have paid all in once as a single premium, plus default interest; or the amount of money which they have financed -among with the mortgage loan- to pay this life insurance.
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